Are Your Trees Arranged Just Right?

We all love trees; they provide protection from the weather, they’re lovely to talk a walk through, and they house all manner of cute creatures and critters. Not to mention how necessary they are for allowing us to keep on breathing! All in all, trees are a natural and necessary part of life, and if you’ve got some in your back garden, you’re probably quite proud of how they’ve grown.

But if you’re about to plant some in, or you’re not sure about your current tree arrangement, let’s help you make sure your tree growing plans are arranged just right. It takes a bit of time and effort to cultivate such a life form, and you shouldn’t walk into a gardening task like this completely blind!

Dig the Hole Deep Enough

First of all, you need to be sure you’re digging a hole deep enough for you trees. They need a lot more room than a regular plant would, and there’s a chance you haven’t gone far down enough before now. It’s a mistake even veteran gardeners can make!

If you’ve experienced tree seeds that have failed to take root before now, it might have just been because they didn’t have the space to grow their roots out, or they weren’t able to reach the right nutrient level in the soil.

But the depth of the hole will depend on the tree you’re trying to plant. Take a look at the root ball your plant is sitting on right now - use the size and length of it to determine how deep your hole needs to be, as this ball shouldn’t really be exposed to the above ground.

Keep the Soil Moist, But Don’t Overwater

You’ll also need to determine how often to water; trees need a good amount of water to grow out, but they’re also very susceptible to overwatering. When it’s dry and hot outside, watering once a week should be good, and in the rain, you can cut back based on how dry the soil feels to you.

Know When to Trim Back

And once you’ve got your trees growing properly, you’re going to need to trim them back every now and then. It helps to keep the plant healthy and happy, and makes sure you’re taking regular stock of how they’re growing. Most of all, it helps to make sure you’re watching out for symptoms of disease - even greenery can fall prey to parasites and infections, after all.

If you’ve got a whole plot of trees to get through, you might want to turn to some professional Tree Work to help you out. A proper tree surgeon will be able to inform you of the upkeep necessary for your particular growth of forest, and it’ll definitely cut back on what would otherwise be a monumental task you’d have to sort through alone!

Your garden trees might need some reworking, but it’s a lot easier to take care of one than you might think!

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