The Secrets To Creating A Cat-Friendly Garden

Many felines find their outdoor space just as important as the indoors. The garden provides your pet with a sensory experience, as well as space to exercise, play, and hide. Discouraging a cat from leaving your garden can seem an impossible task, which is why many cat parents keep their pets indoors. However, while you can’t stop your furry friend from heading over the fence, you can make it so that they don’t want to. Here are six ways to create a cat-friendly garden. 

Eliminate The Toxic Plants
Felines are usually very picky eaters. If they don’t want what you’ve given them for dinner, you can be sure that they won’t touch it. Nonetheless, they are known to be quite curious too. For this reason, you must pick your greenery carefully. Keep any flowers and plants that might harm your cat out of the garden. There are many gardener favourites, like daffodils, that can be dangerous.

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Make Places To Hide
Wide, open spaces can make a cat feel vulnerable. This is why you should provide places for them to hide. When your pet isn’t exposed, they will feel more secure, and the garden will seem more appealing. Dense patches of foliage, large plant pots, and garden furniture will all help your cat feel safe. If there are other felines in the area, it’s even more important to have these places.

Add In Outdoor Lighting
Everyone knows that felines have excellent vision. They can see much better than humans, even at nighttime. That being said, no cat can see in complete darkness, which could put them at risk. Whether there are predators in the area or trip hazards in the garden, you must have solar lights. These will turn on automatically when it’s dark, helping your pet to keep themselves safe at night.

Entertain With Cat Toys
Toys shouldn’t be restricted to the house alone. After all, the garden is an excellent space for your pet to play. If you didn’t want to ruin your indoor toys, you could pick up a few cheap balls and mice to play with outside. You could even attach some of these toys to a low-hanging branch of a tree. When the wind blows, these toys will move, providing your cat with hours of fun. 

Supply A Toilet Space
Most cats are clean animals. This can be seen with the amount of time they spend grooming themselves. With that in mind, all would much rather go to the bathroom outside, away from their food and water. It’s crucial that you supply a space for them to do this. All you have to do is cover a clear area with woodchip, loose earth, or sand. Ideally, this area should have some shelter too. 

Put Off Other Felines
Although felines can make friends, most are quite territorial. That means, if you have another cat living nearby, fights could break out. Your pet may not even want to leave the house, just in case they bump into that other feline. For this reason, you must put off other cats from entering your garden. One of the best ways to do this is to add a cat fence barrier or a full garden canopy. 

With the advice above, you can create an outdoor space your cat loves to spend time in. 

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