Garden Shortcuts

For many enthusiasts, gardening is about the method and the meticulous detail as much as it’s about the result. There’s a sense of reward to seeing your planning and participation in creating the space fit to your desires. But there are plenty of people who would like a lovely looking garden without having to put in so much effort. Perhaps they don’t have the time for it, perhaps they simply don’t like it. Everyone deserves a better garden and you can make it a lot easier to get one.


Let nature reign (a little)
Perhaps you want a bright patch of flowers without having to carefully consider how much water, sunlight, and space individual species need. You will need to get a little less particular about which flowers you prefer, but you can separate and create a wildflower meadow in your own garden which will need very little maintenance from you afterward. After all, these are the flowers that grow just fine without human intervention. The most you will need to do is make sure they’re not crossing the boundaries outside of where you want them to be.

Au natural isn’t everything
You don’t necessarily have to concern yourself with things growing out of control or getting overrun with weeds, either. If you want to completely take the effort out of maintaining a garden, there are plenty of authentic-looking and feeling lawns like Multiturf on offer nowadays. Synthetic turf allows you to add a touch of green where you might not be able to and ignore the problems that usually come with low-quality soil.

Keep off the grass
If landscaping to prepare the garden sounds like much more a chore than it sounds like a fun time, then you might want to let the grass keep to itself. You can move your flowers and other plants to individual spaces where they’re not going to require as much control, instead. Vertical gardening options, potted plants, using the windowsills and the like all allow you to get that touch of colour you want for the garden while making it easier to tend to your plants.

Let it take care of itself
If you really want to get lazy with it, then technology is going to be your best friend. There are loads of time-saving tools on the market nowadays that allow you to almost entirely automate your garden. Automated sprinkler systems are everywhere nowadays and they’re becoming cheaper, too. But now there are even automated lawnmowers like those from Husqvarna that will smartly calculate the differences between patches of ground and lengths of grass to give you an even cut without leaping unmanageable clippings. There are even automated drip irrigation systems that take the effort out of caring for individual plants.

There are a lot of shortcuts to achieving the garden you want. In most cases, however, you will always need to do a little upkeep of your own. Stay on top of your garden regardless of how low-effort you make it, or else you will be dealing with an overgrown mess.

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